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At BusinessRescueExpert we are justifiably proud of the quality client services we’ve been providing since 2005. Since that time, we have established ourselves as a national insolvency practice regularly featuring in the top 10 insolvency practices by number of liquidation appointments undertaken.


Our certified, knowledgeable and motivated staff who have, on average, been with us for five years or more, provide timely and efficient client support along with technically and commercially strong advice. this means you can be assured in the knowledge we have a demonstrable track record of delivering efficient liquidations.

Our strengths combine modern and intuitive work processes, with one on one client services, allowing us to offer quick, efficient, and both technically and commercially strong advice for your clients.

Piece of Mind

As BusinessRescueExperts, we work with a number of accountants and other advisors to ensure that their clients are receiving the best advice for them. In turn we help you as their professional advisor retain them as a client moving forward.

First and foremost we will not tread on your toes and look to offer services and advice that you can offer to your clients. On the contrary, if we take an instruction from your client, there are many cases where we will retain the existing accountant to assist with ironing out the tax affairs to confirm creditor positions or recovery tax refunds from HMRC for the benefit of the case.

Secondly, we can act as a point of contact for you for the questions where you don’t have the answer. We’re not like many firms who will want to take control of the client from day one. If you have informal queries for any of your clients we are just a call, text or email away.

For the clients themselves we can then offer the following services:
* Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
* Members Voluntary Liquidation
* Administration (pre-packaged where necessary)
* Company Voluntary Arrangements
* Moratorium
* IVAs for sole trader businesses

Unlike many insolvency practitioners, we understand that meeting the costs of insolvency can be unachievable for many clients and offer payment plans to spread the cost, making it much more accessible to a wider pool of business owners.

Can I be paid for
introducing clients?

As our specialism is insolvency and we are not accountants, we will often sub-contract out this area of work where necessary within the case, and we appreciate that you, as the acting accountant, are usually best placed to assist. The insolvency code of ethics is very clear that no payment may be made for introducing clients to an Insolvency Practitioner. This does not however prevent payments being made for work done. This is particularly the case where you already have an insight into the company and can facilitate these areas more efficiently and at a lower cost than we could arrange internally.

Work we will often sub contract includes:

  • * Preparing tax calculations for the Statement of Affairs / Declaration of Solvency.
  • * Preparing and submitting tax returns to finalise HMRC’s claim in the procedure.
  • * Claiming tax refunds for the benefit of case creditors.
  • * Finalising PAYE schemes and pension schemes.
  • * Whilst we are also experts in Scottish insolvency law, we do not have a Scottish office so we will often ask our Scottish accountants to act as registered office for our cases there and to forward any mail received about the company.

This is not the limit of services we will contract out and we will always consider the benefit to the estate in arranging this.

Clearly you would like to know how much you would be paid for the work carried out. Once we had had an opportunity to review the case we would negotiate any costs involved in advance with you.


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